Frugal Idea #3

Confession: I do not like to shop for clothes at Thrift Stores. I realize I can save a ton of money, but I just can not do it. However, I have bought a $2.00 Vase once – steal! Since I have to wear business professional/casual attire 4 of 5 working days, I do like to buy new and high quality clothing. What has worked for me is to shop around sales. I write a list of items I need (and want) and it is a running list. Some items on my list have been on the list for months! Whenever I receive a coupon in the mail, see an advertisement via email or online that is too good to pass up (free shipping, discounts 40% or higher, etc), I look at my list and see if this retailer holds items needed. Example: I have on my list rain boots, overcoat, a new suit, and dress shirts, etc. I just received a coupon for Express $30 off for a purchase of $75. I plan on buying my shirts from Express (crossing off list!). I also received an end of year sale for swimming trucks with free shipping at and went ahead and bought my new trunks for 2014 in December! I do not have dedicated days/hours to shop aimlessly or for fun. I have a purpose and a deal at all times. You can also do this for household items – currently I am keeping an eye out for a new Crock Pot. Happy shopping!

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