Frugal Idea #6

For those who work in sales, business development, real estate, or just a plain ol’ foodie and client lunches or dinners are crucial for relationship development & retention or you just want to be a food obsessed Heffa, you best have created an account! I have been using this site for about 4 years now and use it to not only obtain feedback on service & food, but it is helpful in choosing a place to recommend to a client (sometimes that can be the hardest part). Every time you book a restaurant through this portal, you can earn 100 or 1000 points. As you gain points, you earn an Opentable cheque good to use at any restaurant in their network.  I use OpenTable throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Las Vegas, Sacramento, etc. Every year I have earned at least a $100 cheque. I love treating one special person in my life to a new restaurant that may typically be over budget. Great way to have a good time out. Happy eating!

Check it out:



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