Frugal Idea #7


Let’s get back to that number shortly. I remember thinking I needed that mocha or latte. About two years ago, I made the jump. I bought a $10 Coffee Maker (Steal!) at Target and started brewing my own coffee in the morning. Of course, I have a cheat day every now and then. A cheat day happened last week. I had a hard time sleeping and I had overslept. I literally got up and ran out the door. No AM caffeine – eeks! I usually go to Starbucks or a local cafe here on Geary, Angel Cafe and it never fails to be shocked at the price for an espresso drink. So, let’s go back to that number $1551.25. If you bought a drink with all the fixings (that extra shot, flavor syrup, etc.), I estimate it to be about $4.25. At 365 days, it comes out to $1551.25 and monthly at $129.27.

To put things in perspective, $1551.25 was more than my monthly rent for a 1 bedroom in San Bruno. $129.27 is higher than my cell phone and cable monthly bill. I ride the Caltrain to work at times and those coffee to-go cups are everywhere and then I see the homemade coffee makers with their coffee tumblers and creative drink cups, like a mason jar. Bravo to them.

If the habit is just too hard to shake, at the very minimum, spend smart. Get a Starbucks Gold Card. Every time you buy, you earn a star and 30 stars equals a free drink. I learned a secret in San Mateo (where I work). Piazza’s (the gourmet grocery store) has a card for their Starbucks (12 buys, 1 free) that can be combined with your Gold Card. Winner! It is like double coupons.

See what the card is about here:

However, I say, try that Coffee Maker (P.S. if you make too much, save the rest for an iced coffee treat later!)


Here is what I brew with – $10 at Target!


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