Frugal Idea #12

Be in the moment, be present, be aware, be open to communicate, and you may just save!

I have to admit I enjoy people watching. I try my best to not judge someone, but I am naturally curious of a person’s actions, thoughts, and emotions. I have noticed that many more of us seem to be distracted by our cell phones & tablets. Headphones seem to always be inserted in ears listening to music, focused on the sounds of beats versus the sounds of life, always allowing us to avoid talking to strangers. As people walk with heads down and headphones on, reading their emails, texting while driving, I cannot help but wonder how conscious we really are sometimes!

I recently took a business trip to Las Vegas for work (winner at the Roulette table!) and as I waited by the airport terminal gates for my flight, I noticed the crowd of people with headphones on, tablets up, and how cell phones were checked every few minutes. I made a conscious decision to be in the moment; otherwise, the moment may just pass you by. I decided to chat with my co-workers who happened to have the same flight home. Suddenly, we hear a voice from the Virgin America employee from the overhead speakers stating that they sold too many seats for this flight and if there was one person willing to give up their seat. In exchange, a $300.00 flight credit would be given along with a free meal in your upgraded seat in business class. I looked around and I saw blank stares and bobbing heads as music blasted through their headphones. I wondered if this would be a good financial move for me considering you would have to sacrifice time and fly to Los Angeles’ LAX airport first then to San Francisco’s SFO airport. This would mean I would be home 1-2 hours later than planned. I imagined taking off and landing a total of 4 times and my stomach turned.

However, I then thought of how much I loved traveling, thought of my upcoming trips (Bachelor party in New Orleans and Chicago later in the year) and thought $300 would really help me in my financial goals. Frugal Nev would be proud! I then realized, I had some of my co-workers’ items stored in my luggage since her bag was over the weight limit. I felt guilty knowing I would not be able to give her the items after we land, but if we do not ask in life, we shall never know our options. So, I decided to communicate. After telling her that I was interested in taking the deal and explained that this flight credit would help me financially, she agreed to let me give her items at a future date. Score!

As I waited for folks to board, I was informed by the flight crew that someone ended up not showing up for the flight and that I can get on the original flight as planned. To thank me for volunteering, I was given a $25.00 flight credit instead. It may not have been $300, but not only were the stressed out employees thankful, I now have a future discounted flight. As the plane took off, I smiled knowing I saved money by being present and in the moment – exactly how I want to live my life.


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