Frugal Idea #14

I just Google searched this quote “The world is one’s oysters”.

Thank you Wiktionary for providing the following proverbs:

  • 1) All opportunities are open to someone, the world is theirs.
  • 2) In order to achieve something in this world, one has to grab the opportunity.

I felt this moment on top of Mission Peak. Mission Peak is located in Fremont and offers three trails up to 4 miles long – all uphill. It was a grueling hike, but my friend and I chanted to each other, “We can do this. We can do this.” As soon as those words left my mouth, my legs pushed through the burning sensation and alas, we were on top with the winds cooling down our exhausted bodies.¬†

My friend and I have really grown close and we typically talk about two main subjects. That would be finances and health. We are both changing our financial situation and always run into each other in the kitchen at work, typically holding yogurt or an apple, and we then compliment each other on how focused we are with our diets. She, a recently engaged woman, has to save not only for her wedding, but she is also pursuing her Masters. Gotta love those student loans! We decided to take advantage of the amazing sites and sounds that the San Francisco Bay Area offers. Not only can they be breathtaking, but they are also free. Free trails, free beaches, free walks, and most importantly, free hills. Fun fact: Did you know that San Francisco has 47 hills in it’s 46.9 square miles? (Thank you, Wikipedia).

I took advantage of San Francisco’s free hills earlier in the year and organized our team bonding event at work which was an urban hike. That is correct, a hike amongst the city dwellers. Within the hustle and bustle, you can achieve your goals of an increased heart rate and a sweaty forehead. We started at O’Farrell and Taylor and walked through Nob Hill, cut through to Coit Tower, down to Telegraph Hill, walked through North Beach, and ended with oysters and beers at the Embarcadero. Guilty as charged: Oysters and beers are not free, but we so deserved it. We had burned calories, enjoyed the views, fell in love with the city all over, and grown closer as co-workers. ¬†Management had to be pleased.

My hiker friend and I have planned our next “Oyster” adventure. Bay To Breakers is back on May 18, 2014. Bay To Breakers is an annual 12k run and started in 1912. The true runners (who have paid the registration fees) are training for this run as I type and for the rest of us, well, we are preparing where the best meeting point would be to hug, catch up, and start a walk to the block parties! As the runners cut through the city and head to the ocean where the race ends, the blocks where the soles of their shoes hit the pavement fill with after parties, loud music, and outrageous outfits. This free event for the non-runners will allow us to enjoy a workout by walking the hills leading up to Hayes Valley, bond with some friends, & save a buck or two.

We are dedicated to grabbing these opportunities with both hands. If you open your mind to new and creative ideas and line these ideas with money saving opportunities, you truly can have a ton of oysters.

Pic: On top of Mission Peak