Frugal Idea #15

Time to Post It!

Every Sunday, I like to do a weekly purge of the apartment fridge. Out goes the brown lettuce, the leftover meat I never really got to, hardened steamed rice, and the infamous last sip of milk in a carton you just can’t seem to drink. As the purged items hit the trash, I started to notice my lack of eating and organizational skills have led to wasted foods, wasted drinks, and extra usage of garbage bags. Bottom line: What a waste of money!

My defining moment was about a week ago when I opened the fridge on a work day in an awoken slumber. I peered in the open door & stared at a hard boiled egg next to a ketchup bottle and a box of soy milk. In a panic, I could not remember when I boiled that egg and I read the box of soy milk “Use within 7-10 days”. I did not remember when I opened the soy milk. There goes my breakfast. No way was I going to risk a day of sales calls and visits to clients & the porcelain throne (toilet).

I decided to take action. I needed to figure out a way to make sure I ate what I bought and use it within the time of expiration. I decided to use Post It Notes to write when the product was opened and when the product is expected to expire. I will track my actions, but I am sure that I will waste less and save money when it comes to groceries & consumption (along with saving an extra garbage bag).

This morning I was able to enjoy a nice fresh cup of soy milked coffee, a couple of fresh cage-free eggs, and sausage that was within it’s 3 day shelf life. A full stomach and an episode of Fox’s Gang Related. What a great Sunday.

Soy Milk with Post It Note (Opened & Expired)

Soy Milk with Post It Note (Opened & Expired)