Frugal Idea #16

BBQ sauce a day, keeps the wallet stored away!

I was obsessed for a hot minute. I wanted BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken, & BBQ Brisket all the time. Let us not forget to order the side of collard greens, baked beans, & honey sweet cornbread. I found myself Yelping for local BBQ spots in San Francisco & the goal was to try them all. I went to Pete’s BBQ in the Mission, Hyde Away BBQ in the Tenderloin, Memphis Minnie’s Bar-B-Que in the Haight, and even found myself stopping by Magnificent BBQ in Vacaville on the way to Sacramento when visiting family! There was something about the smell of BBQ, the meat falling off the slabs, and then wiping your fingers and mouth with the complimentary wet wipe. I found my waistline increasing and my funds decreasing. Something had to change.

In my journey of financial freedom, I have learned that discipline is a major part of saving money. I do love BBQ. It reminds me of those hot summer Sacramento evenings where I grew up with the grill out and the smoke seeping into our windows. We ate while we laughed and bonded as a family. I remember the days when Dad would buy BBQ and I would tag along. We seemed to always walk a little faster home so we can enjoy the hot morsels. It made sense. BBQ is tied into my memories. To discipline myself, I wanted to avoid eating out at expensive restaurants for a meal. I decided to only eat at a BBQ joint when an invite came from a friend or for a special occasion. I took control and decided to take care of my cravings at home.

I learned to keep a readily available bottle of BBQ at home. I decided to try different bottles at the local grocery store and buy only when on sale. I discovered Safeway coupons for BBQ sauce as low as $0.99! I stuck with tastes that I enjoyed – a little bold, with a lot of kick. Whenever, I craved BBQ, I walked quickly past the local joint (did I ever tell you there is a BBQ restaurant next door to my apartment – the agony), and used my bottle of BBQ. I have recently made home made BBQ burgers and BBQ chicken. I have even watched YouTube videos on how to make homemade collard greens to get the ultimate home chow down.

You can do this with all of your “must have” cravings. If you love pizza, learn to make pizza at home buying ready made dough. If you love Japanese food, maybe have Teriyaki sauce available. I have learned that you can still have what you want without spending a lot. It may just come in a different form.

I am also happy to say that my waistline seems to be in more control. The wallet has gotten fatter, but my jeans don’t seem to mind.


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