Frugal Idea #19

I walked past Twitter and saved a dollar.

A friend visited my apartment recently to watch The Royal Tenenbaums (pretty awesome movie BTW – it just took us 30 minutes to decide which On Demand movie to choose!) and we briefly talked about my blog and he gave me so many new ideas. I pulled out my cell phone to jot down his ideas on my Richnote and it excited me to know that someone wanted to contribute to this blog and inspire others to save a dollar!

Recently, I walked down Larkin Street to Market Street and realized I walked down the wrong block.  I should have walked down Polk Street. Well, more exercise! I was looking for a Credit Union. I needed cash, but did not want to accrue fees from a much more convenient bank or corner liquor store’s suspect ATM. Walking down Market Street, I noticed the Twitter sign and wondered what the inside office looked like and I slowly looked to my right and cha-ching, a Dollar Store. My friend’s idea was right in front of my face. I had to go in.

When asking my friend about ideas, his first idea was the Dollar Store. He lives in the Mission District, so he lives by a few store options. He mentioned that he likes to buy apartment staples there – trash bags, candles, and so on and so on. I thought about those staple items I would buy at Target or CVS and realized as long as I did not need high quality items, his idea was valid. For example, I like to keep a box of smaller wastebasket sized trash bags in the bathroom to clean the cat litter. Mila (my cat) seems to use this litter box all day, every day, so these one time use trash bags go quickly. I love scoring a great deal, so $2.99 trash bags at Target seemed reasonable. Walking the Dollar Store, there it was in front of me. Lower cost trash bags. I also needed smaller tupperware bins for salad dressings when I bring homemade salads to work. Another score, 10 tupperware bins (yes, BPA free).

I did walk past the candle aisle, but decided that purchase would not be a need, but a desire. I did take a good sniff of a candle though for my friend. 

My finds at a local Dollar Store

My finds at a local Dollar Store

Introducing Mila - Litter Box User

Introducing Mila – Litter Box User


One thought on “Frugal Idea #19

  1. You should watch Doitonadime on YouTube! She loves the Dollar Store/Dollar Tree and her hauls are so helpful and useful!

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