Frugal Idea #20

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Peer to peer ridesharing has exploded in popularity in my opinion. Everyone I know in San Francisco had has taken a Lyft car, Sidecar, Uber car or is actually a driver. Gone were the days of waving down a taxi and giving a tip at the end when you really felt the driver did not deserve one. Now, we can review feedback from our peers on the drivers and hire them directly without exchanging any cash all within our smart phones. Brilliant!

After finishing your ride & submitting payment via mobile, be sure to log into your email to view your receipt. If you scroll down, there is a code you can share to a 1st time rider via social media or direct email. If the 1st time rider uses your code for the discount, you will get a discount on your next ride. 

One of the best times to share your code is during high volume usage of rideshare vehicles. I recently noticed my code was on fire during San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival. The weekend after, I booked several dinner dates and it was a smoother ride knowing that my ride was free. Likewise, you can search Twitter codes for Sidecar, Lyft, Uber to obtain discounts for yourself when you need a ride. Tip: Talk to your driver! I met some amazing folks including two musicians with singles on iTunes, a man who started a Non Profit, someone who does housecleaning on the side, and two candidates I ended up recruiting as potential employees . Hoping to land that referral bonus (cha-ching!).

By the way, here is my shameless plug of my code: NEVILLE2 (hehe).

My Sidecar Code: NEVILLE2. Be sure to follow Frugal Nev on Twitter: NEVBB

My Sidecar Code: NEVILLE2. Be sure to follow Frugal Nev on Twitter: NEVBB


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