Frugal Idea #21

I once waved to the tourists on the double decker bus. 

It never fails to see a big, red double decker tour bus turn left onto Post Street from Van Ness on my way to 24 Hour Fitness on Post & Van Ness. I enjoy seeing their stares at the locals walking below them and at the beautiful historic buildings that I have fallen in love with – they are truly classic San Francisco. I must confess that I have toured San Francisco on that bus at least 8 times. I was lucky, my friend worked for Open Top Sightseeing (now Big Bus Tours), so I was able to get complimentary tickets every now and then. This was perfect for friends and family who were visiting. Looking back, I am truly thankful that my friend provided complimentary tickets when he could. It did come with a price. The price was to write a review on Easy! Done and Done. If the opportunity to receive complimentary tickets never happened, the price point would have hurt quite a bit (pricing found online). 

Now that I have exhausted my touring enthusiasm (there is no way I am riding on that bus any time soon), I searched for affordable touring options. I discovered an amazing (and FREE) option to tour San Franciscowalking tours! You can choose the day & time that works for you and choose the neighborhood of your choice. Since I am trying to lose some weight, the walking was perfect since there is no doubt you will have to overcome one of San Francisco’s 49 hills!  

(See all 49 hills at 

I decided to choose the Castro walking tour first. The tour is hosted by a volunteer and he was very knowledgeable. It was a sunny day and our tour group included folks from Canada, New York, and Germany. I discovered a memorial I had never visited, history on the beautiful Victorian homes, and was educated more on the life of the amazing Harvey Milk.

Business Tip: come prepared with business cards. You never know who might need your services!

The next tour I am planning will be the Pacific Heights Mansions. Two reasons: Pacific Heights is definitely all hills and will be great for the thighs and a great opportunity to recite some affirmations when no one is looking; “I believe I can afford a mansion one day.” Why not?

Visit San Francisco’s Walking Tours page here:

To my readers in New York and Chicago, I just did some searches. Here you go: &

You can easily search walking tours in your city. I just typed in “Walking Tours San Francisco” into Google.  Now step up and put a step on it. Let’s Walk!

Walking can sometimes get you to a location faster than driving!

Walking can sometimes get you to a location faster than driving in San Francisco!




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