Frugal Idea #24

Two balls in a sock. Amazing concept.

Two balls in a sock is a trick I learned years ago. I was experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort in my back area and my neck. A coworker asked if I had ever tried laying down on the floor and roll on two tennis balls in a tube sock. I giggled at the thought of it, but I went home that night and tried it. As the balls rolled over knots and I screamed in pain and excitement for the discovery, I became obsessed with it. Now, I roll while I watch TV, I roll at work, and I roll standing up against the wall.

I am a huge believer in taking care of your body. Not only does eating well and working out provide healthy results for your body, I also believe spiritual and mental health elevates your body’s well being. Any activity to help calm the mind is beneficial. I started enjoying spas and massages in my mid 20s. They really did help me relax and unwind from the stressful work week. As I swiped credit cards for a second and sometimes third time within the month for spa services, I started to notice how expensive this habit had really become. When I decided to start living a more minimal lifestyle and cut out excessive spending, I did not want to ignore my body’s aches & pains. I found items and ways to invest in to deter from overspending at the fancy spas. Here is a list of what I have done and currently do to save money:

  • Two balls in a sock – Simple. Choose two balls of choice and put in a sock. I have always chosen tennis balls, but I have read that golf balls can work as well. You can also roll your foot over a ball to massage your feet. For more pressure, try standing on it.

    Two tennis balls in a sock

    Two tennis balls in a sock

  • Wait for a deal on Groupon or Living Social – I typically delete these emails to avoid spending, but as soon as I see a great deal for a spa service, I buy it immediately. I have been able to find deals for a massage at Project Zen Massage and Bodywork ( and a facial at The I Spa ( which is located in The Intercontinental Hotel. Prices can typically run over $100, but I have been able to get deals as low as $40 for a one hour massage!  Download App or visit and/or
  • Foam & Rumble Rollers – When the back is really in pain, I take advantage of the foam rollers at 24 Hour Fitness. I love the black ones as they are a lot firmer. I noticed that my back tends to crack which has helped me feel aligned again. The foam rollers have been great for soothing out muscles, but the Rumble Roller really gets in the knots. Approved!

    Rumble Roller!

    Rumble Roller!

  • Membership at Massage Envy – If you can commit to a monthly charge, this might be good for you. The prices for membership typically lowers the overall costs. However, you do need to commit for a year. The positive aspects of this is that you force yourself to get a massage which helps relieves aches and lowers stress so that you can work harder to make more money. Warning: The San Francisco location charges $10 more than local Massage Envy locations due to market rate/location.
  • Kabuki Springs – Located in Japantown San Francisco, this spa is amazing! For $25.00 a visit, you can stay all day and utilize the hot springs, cold plunge, dry and wet saunas, steam rooms, and salt scrubs. They also bring tea, flavored waters, and snacks throughout the day. They provide gender specific days so you can feel comfortable going in your birthday suit for ultimate relaxation. You can also earn points for a free visit.
  • Theracane – I watched a few YouTube videos on this product and it has really helped dig in for some self afflicted deep tissue work. When you need quick pressure points to hit the knot, this is a pretty good product.



  • Exchange massages with friends or like minded people – I wanted to explore the space of massage sharing and it is not bad at all. I have a friend who told me that during college, she had a massage friend. This was a friendly trade of massage. Not a bad idea. So I’ve tried it and i sure beats spending money. All you need is time.

2 thoughts on “Frugal Idea #24

  1. I’m such a huge fan of foam rolling – it’s life-changing! I’ve seen the rumble rollers, but haven’t tried it yet. They look scary! Haha

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