Frugal Idea #27: Halloween

October 31, 2014 is arriving in less than one week and the spirit of Halloween is in full effect!

My Facebook news feed will soon be flooded with adorable kids in their outfits, adults in their “too racy to look at during work” costumes, and food altered to meet the theme. You know, such as the black widow spidered deviled eggs.

Deviled Eggs with olives cut into spiders

Deviled Eggs with olives cut into spiders

I enjoy Halloween because of the parties, the dressing up, becoming a different person for the night, & the endless choices of horror flicks. In fact, I just watched Rosemary’s Baby for the first time last night and what an excellent movie, Bravo! What I do not enjoy about Halloween is the endless leftover candies that all of my coworkers bring to work and the amount of money you have to spend on costumes.

This year, I made a conscious effort to be frugal with my spending for the Halloween season. Here are some ideas for you:

1. Borrow horror movies from your local library. Did you know that they are free? Stock up early before they are all checked out. I was lucky with Rosemary’s Baby. Our laundry room in the basement of my apartment has a section of donated books and DVDs. A neighbor decided to part with Rosemary’s Baby and the Haunting DVDs. I snatched those up along with my freshly washed underwear real quick.

2. Reuse your old costumes. Chances are, if you wear the same outfit from 2-3 years ago, no one will notice or care.

3. Shop at your local thrift store! I donated some items recently to honor my journey of minimalism. The Goodwill Thrift store on Geary and Hyde has new costumes, new plastic pumpkin carriers, & new packages of Halloween makeup kits. I bolded the word new for a reason. Yes, the Goodwill Thrift store has NEW items!

New items from the Goodwill Thrift Store on Geary in San Francisco.

Halloween Halloween2 Halloween3

4. Become a salesperson. There seems to be pumpkin flavored goodies everywhere. At Trader Joe’s, there is the new pumpkin flavored coffee and of course Starbucks is back with their seasonal Pumpkin flavored drinks. Last year, someone in my personal network made homemade pumpkin pies last year and brought a pie to work for their annual potluck. Someone told her that they were so good that she should sell them. A idea was formed. She ended up selling each pie for $40 and 8 people bought them for the Thanksgiving holiday. So, if you have skills in make up, costume making, or you are an amazing baker, try selling your products or services. Tip: Set up a PayPal account for easy peer to peer payments.

May you stay safe from goblins, monsters, and killers & may your money stay safe from overspending. Happy Halloween! BOO!

About the Blogger:


Neville (Nev) Bendiola grew up in the Mission District of San Francisco, California until the age of 10 before relocating to Sacramento, CA.  Growing up in a low income family, he slept on the floor most of his young life until he got his own twin size bed at the age of 10 – a memory he will always remember. Nev relocated back to San Francisco for college where he continued on in a career in Staffing Sales and Recruiting. Achieving financial success, he spent more than he earned using credit cards along the way. He found himself  carrying debt through the recent recession. Inspired by friends and reading success stories online, Nev moved into a Studio apartment in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district where he minimized his spending and material items. He is currently focused on saving money and sharing the ride with his readers along his journey to financial freedom.


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