Frugal Idea #35: Decisions

Readers, I am sorry for being MIA! Here are a few exciting news I want to share:

1) I received a promotion at work! Hence, the reason why I could not write as much. I finally feel in control, so I am back.

2) Besides my student loan, I am 100% debt free! I should be able to pay off my student loan by this year. (Fingers Crossed)

Although I was very busy this past month, I was fortunate enough to have several people approach me about my blog. They shared stories about their current situation. Some were deep in debt or filed bankruptcy, some were interested in investing, and some wanted to be more minimal. It reminded me that with sharing your truths, you inspire others to share their truths. I made a decision to stay focused on my financial goals. Some decisions I have recently made:

  • I may have received a promotion with some nice financial gains, but I have learned, just because you make more, does not give you the right to spend more. Decision: Pay off all debt, save, and invest!
  • I am still going to save at least 20% of my pay to put towards a down payment on a dream home in San Francisco (no, I will not settle to live outside of this fabulous city!). Decision: Always think long term.
  • I will write a list of big ticket items I want to upgrade around the apartment. I will only buy if I have enough to pay in full. Items I have currently listed include a new mattress, bed frame, and a couch (my cat has scratched this current one well). Spend wisely and be thankful for what you have. Decision:¬†upgrade your items when the time is right so you can allow new and positive gifts into your life.
  • I have about 180k miles on my Mazda3. It may be time for a new car this year. I want to challenge myself to at least pay half in cash. That would be amazing! Decision: Use items to their maximum capacity.
  • I will aggressively pay off my student loan. Once I do that, I can aggressively learn more about investing in Stocks. Decision: Learning is everything.
  • I want to continue inspiring others, so I will still share knowledge if and when I can. Decision:¬†Carry others and let others carry you when you need them.

I made a decision to still believe that what you put out in the universe through words and actions, the universe will return your thoughts and actions back to you in forms of gifts. Be open to receiving. Since my financial journey started, I have received more than I can ask for and expect more to come. What decisions have you made so far this year?