Frugal Idea #37: Freedom!

This blog is dedicated to freedom from credit card debt! Life has changed so much since the burden of debt that weighed me down for years and finally left my life. As most of you know, on Sundays, I enjoy catching up on guilt free TV. Prior to the TV binge, I try to catch up on house chores. To stay focused on financial goals, I run searches of YouTube videos related to wealth, minimalism, or frugal living. I plug my laptop to my speakers and instead of music, I am surrounded by sounds of advice to manifest my life into financial freedom.

Here is a video I ran into today How To Get Out Of Credit Card Debt” by Love Raw Vegan. What stood out to me most was when she mentioned the guilt and insecurities. It is so true. You do have a sense of shame when you owe so much money and losing even more money when you consider the interest you owe each month. Once you gain control of your finances, your confidence will go through the roof! I hope her tips help you towards your goals. My current goals: attacking the student loan and saving for a down payment! What are your goals?


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