Frugal Idea #38:

After a long day at work, I had dinner & drinks with a friend who was curious about a career in Recruiting. I have worked in Recruiting and Staffing for over 10 years, so of course I wanted to meet. After tasting each other’s cocktail, sharing a salad and entree together, we found ourselves talking more about money, savings, investment, and financial freedom. I have found a like minded person! Twas’ a good night.

Every now and then I get a text from that very same friend asking if I have heard of this podcast or have I read that article on investment. A recent text reminded me to explore I finally opened an account and I love it! Prior to, I was using an Excel spreadsheet to calculate my Net Worth. I originally thought my salary was the most important factor when it comes to my finances, but I have learned, it is truly your Net Worth. You can have large pay checks, but if you spend more than you make and have numerous liabilities, you are actually in the hole. Friends who I thought were well off, were really only in debt. They had mortgages, car loans, credit card debts, and waited for the next pay day. I made a choice to increase my Net Worth vs. worry about what people thought I earned.

This journey towards financial freedom has been great. I eliminated all consumer debt and now aggressively paying off my student loans. Once those are done (I predict by end of year), I will be 100% debt free! I will then switch towards an aggressive savings and investment strategy. I have been learning more about manifesting abundance in my life (that will be another blog). is my spreadsheet… made easier! I synced the only three credit cards I use (they earn points and yes, I pay them off every month), my checking account, money market account, investment accounts, and also the value of my car. My Net Worth is in the positive! It has been exciting to see that number grow. I remember when I was in the negative and I will never be in that situation ever again. will show you trends in the way you spend, set personal goals (I chose buying a house by Feb 2017, paying off student loan by Dec 2015, and retiring by age 60 if not sooner), and you can also source ways to save money. even lists savings accounts with higher dividend returns. The best part is, will also provide your credit score!

I have much gratitude for meeting my friend at Jasper’s that night. Not only does this Tenderloin restaurant bring good vibes, drinks, and food, it is now home to a financial event that will help me grow my Net Worth.

Here is a great video that also inspired me by Mike & Lauren: