About Frugal Nev

This blog will be dedicated to an idea a day (as they come) to save money, be more thoughtful on spending, and to live a more minimal lifestyle. Learn to invest in memories vs. material items.  Feel free to message me with ideas!

About FrugalNev:


Neville (Nev) Bendiola grew up in the Mission District of San Francisco, California until the age of 10 before relocating to Sacramento, CA.  Growing up in a low income family, he slept on the floor most of his young life until he got his own twin size bed at the age of 10 – a memory he will always remember. Nev relocated back to San Francisco for college where he continued on in a career in Staffing Sales and Recruiting. Achieving financial success, he spent more than he earned using credit cards along the way. He found himself  carrying debt through the recent recession. Inspired by friends and reading success stories online, Nev moved into a Studio apartment in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district where he minimized his spending and material items. He is currently focused on saving money and sharing the ride with his readers along his journey to financial freedom.

Contact: frugalnev@gmail.com

Twitter: NEVBB

Facebook: facebook.com/frugalnev

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5 thoughts on “About Frugal Nev

  1. I’ll definitely share ideas with you! YouTube is a great resource for me on re-purposing clutter and I’ve found awesome DIY’s for decor and such.

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