Frugal Idea #36: Settlin’ the Score

I am itching to move to a new apartment.

In San Francisco’s hot Real Estate market, open houses for studio apartments is like a race to the finish line. You may find yourself amongst up to 10 people at a time exploring a space of 400 square feet ready to sign the lease for a one year commitment – all within half an hour.  I have learned that you must be prepared with not only your checkbook, W2s, & bank statements, but you must have proof of an excellent credit score.

I’ve had my history of fair and even poor credit scores. Swiping that credit card was easy and as long as I was able to afford the minimum payments each month, I was living it big. Before I knew it, debt had accumulated to unmanageable amounts. After organizing my finances and taking control of my situation, my credit score has drastically improved over the years. As the credit score improved, so did the offers of transferring funds to cards offering a 0% interest rate for up to a year. I certainly took advantage of every situation I could. This process of transferring high interest rate balances to a lower interest rate option was a strategic move to assist my journey to credit card debt free living.

I have made it a point to print out my credit report every January. I search for any unknown suspicious activity to identify any possibilities of fraud. My favorite part of reviewing your credit report is when you finally see your credit score. It really shows how much you’ve accomplished with your hard work! Unfortunately, it can also become a glaring truth as the low credit score will prove that you need to change your lifestyle. Settle that score and aim high.

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